Our work is made possible by collaboration with other organizations. For more information about partnering with Ascent 121, contact us at info@ascent121.org.

Featured Partner: Kristy’s House


“We all have the need and the desire to be seen and to be known. When that is not done at all or in a healthy way, we fall prey to what the world tells us how to pursue that desire and what will provide it. A child doesn’t have to be in a foster home or have suffered terrible abuse to be vulnerable to exploitation. The victim may very well be from an affluent, two-parent home where work and materialism were more valued than interaction and emotional safety.”

~ Sarah Hurley, owner of Kristy’s House



Kristy’s House is a Christian Mentoring and Discipleship program for women involved in both trafficked and non-trafficked sex work and commercialized sexual exploitation. Ascent 121 holds our Aftercare programming at Kristy’s House.

Sarah wrote a very popular blog for Ascent 121 called Protecting Our Youth In A Highly Sexualized Culture. We encourage you to learn more about Kristy’s House. Many thanks, Sarah, for your partnership.



Collaborative Partners

Choices Coordinated Care Solutions
Community Health Network
Indiana Department of Child Services
Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program
Indiana Youth Institute
Indiana Youth Services Association
Lutheran Child & Family Services

Community Partners

Agape Therapeutic Riding
Brookside Community Church
Christ the Savior Lutheran Church
Church At The Crossing
Counseling Center at the Crossing
East 91st Street Christian Church
First Evangelical Presbyterian Church – Women in Ministry
Fishers United Methodist Church
iTown Church
Kristy’s House

LAH Bear Hugs
LivingFit RX
Northview Church
Traders Point Christian Church
Trades of Hope
West Morris Street Free Methodist Church
White River Christian Church


Indiana Criminal Justice Institute – Victim Advocate Standards & Certifications Board
Indiana Association of Resources and Child Advocacy

Indiana Protection for Abused and Trafficked Humans
Indy Chamber