Ascent 121 offers a voluntary aftercare program for any girls who have successfully completed one of our therapeutic programs.  The aftercare group meets weekly and offers the girls a chance to remain connected to an organic support system. This is an opportunity for ongoing discipleship, social connection, life skills training and leadership opportunities in the community. 

One example of our life skills classes is cooking. The instructor shared this:

“The girls are learning how to make a meal on a budget that is nutritious and tastes good. Hands-on lessons allow the girls to actively participate in the meal preparation. There is a lot of laughter and joy in the kitchen. But more importantly, the girls discover the value of how far their money can go and are learning a new skill of cooking that will benefit them and others in their future.

One girl shared that she was going to cook the meal for her family in the next week. It’s reasons like this that our Aftercare program was created. Not only did we want to provide a safe space for girls in the community to hang out, but we wanted to help teach them basic skills that will assist them in their daily lives.”

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