Part 2: The World Corrupts the Church’s View of Women

By: Margaret Knight

Worldly Wisdom

Why do men think it’s ok to buy sex?

My question would provoke a giant eye roll from many people living in most parts of our world.

Some men would say the following:

“Men have needs.”

“This is what men do. It’s natural.”

“You’re a woman. You don’t understand.”

Some women would argue:

“Sex is empowering.”

“It’s her choice.”

“Stop oppressing and judging other women.”

I see where these people are coming from. I know the worldly philosophies people use to justify their beliefs and actions. But, before we leave the conversation at, “Men have needs” and “Sex is power”, let’s go a little deeper into the sex industry. We have to go deeper, because the world’s justifications for the commercial sex industry reveal that most people hardly know the truth about it.

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Did you know?
  • The average age at which women enter the sex industry in the United States is 13 years old.[1]
    • Remember what you were like at 13 years old and consider your opinion on child sexual abuse.
  • The average age of death for a person in prostitution is 34 years old.[2]
    • Ask yourself why many of them die so young.
  • The most common cause of death for someone in prostitution is homicide.[3]
    • Ask yourself why many of them die violent deaths.
But buyers of sex do know 

A study done by the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) in December 2006 and June 2007 interviewed 113 men to understand the cognitive and behavioral patterns of men who buy sex. You can find the full report here.

According to the CAASE research study, many men do know that women who work in the commercial sex industry are economically vulnerable. For example:

  • 66% said that women become prostitutes out of economic necessity.[4]

Quite a few of the men knew women in the industry have experienced and are experiencing abuse:

  • 57% believed that the majority of women in prostitution experienced some type of childhood sexual abuse.[5]
  • 42% of interviewees said that prostitution causes both psychological and physical damage.[6]
    • One explained: “It’s like they are selling their soul, really.”[7]

Some of the men said women in the industry have no rights:

  • 43% said that if a man pays the woman for sex, she should do anything he asks.[8]
    • One explained, “If we agree on something, half way through she can’t change her mind.”[9]
  • 21% did not think that it was possible for women in prostitution to be raped.
    • One explained: “She has no rights because you are paying for a sex act—she gives up the right to say no.”[10]

Some saw prostitution as a way to satisfy violent urges that they normally would have appeased on women not in the industry:

  • 39% say prostitution prevents rape for other women.[11]
    • One explained: “Wouldn’t have to rape somebody if there are prostitutes. You don’t have to beat up your wife if prostitutes are available.”[12]
“Women are all the same.”

Men like this think it’s ok to buy sex because they don’t value women. One man from the study said:

“Regardless if you have sex with a woman who is a prostitute; women are all the same, they all make you pay. I see no difference in women as a whole.”[13]

Another complained:

“When you take a woman to dinner or the movies, it’s basically the same thing. There’s the cost of flowers, dinner, a show, dancing—it’s $150-$200. By that point you might as well call a prostitute when the girl finally gives in.”[14]

Lay aside your old self, Christian men

Christian men, this is the world you enter into when you participate in the commercial sex industry. You become part of this darkness.

The reason why some of you objectify and buy women for your own sexual pleasure is because the world tells you it’s ok. But, that line of thinking, those beliefs, are part of your old self, your flesh. You have become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Therefore, it’s time to lay that old self aside (Ephesians 4:22).

Preview of Part 3

The Enemy is lying to you about women. In Part 3, we will talk more about God’s special purpose in creating women. When men demean, objectify, and buy women, they are ultimately rebelling against God and His plans for His own creation.


Social JusticeMargaret lives in Indianapolis where she is a law student focusing on Criminal Law. After graduating from law school, she wants to be an advocate for those who are suffering from injustices, most specifically human trafficking. Margaret enjoys learning how to cultivate a hospitable heart, traveling to new places, and growing in knowledge about God through His Word and life experiences. She has volunteered as Ascent 121’s social media and blog manager since March 2015. 



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