By: Tim Johnson

Once a month Ascent 121 hosts a prayer journey event. This post is reflections from a father whose
family participated in the journey together. For more information about upcoming Prayer Journeys,
please email

My whole family recently went on the ASCENT 121 PRAYER JOURNEY to learn more about the ASCENT 121 mission and help pray for everyone involved with human trafficking.  The journey was structured very well, with a guidebook that provided key information about what happens at each location we visited, as well as prayer suggestions specific to that location.

image001My daughter’s took over the guidebook, as the story and prayers drew them in to the lives of girls their age that have lived a tragic life.  They realize some of these girls don’t originally come from this area, but have come from the suburbs (Carmel, Avon, Greenwood) or even sold from different states.  It just takes once for them to be manipulated into doing drugs, or shown false love, and they could be taken from their families.

At each stop, after we read and prayed, someone would comment on their own perspective, and the souls who once were impacted in this very place.  Sitting in our car and looking around provides a perspective you can’t get from reading or TV, as you actually feel the emotions (bring your tissue box).  Driving from location to location was also an adventure.  Seeing the homeless, the abandoned buildings, the lack of stores/conveniences we have.  This environment is all that some of the girls know.

During the journey, you stay in your car, so we did feel safe.  If you have the slightest concern of safety, you could visit a particular location briefly, or just keep driving to the next location.  Some of the locations are service locations (like DCS, Lutherwood) and are right on main roads (like Keystone Ave).  Places I have driven by many times, but never realized the important work that gets accomplished there.  Going forward, I plan on saying a prayer as I drive by, not only for the trafficked teens, but also for the saints that dedicate their lives to help them.



I highly recommend that you take this journey with your family, church group or friends.  It is very humbling, and makes our daily struggles seem trivial.  It only takes about 3 hours, and will provide an appreciation for what you and your kids/friends have, especially in our “entitled” world.  However, and much more important, is the power of your prayer you will provide for the victims and caregivers.  The demand for services is so much greater than the supply.

ASCENT 121 is attempting to help, but needs your support to provide it.  Just imagine the impact on one single teenage girl that can be rescued from abuse and possibly an early death.  Now imagine the one that is denied services is your child.  All of these girls were once born into the world a pure sinless baby.  They deserve our love and support.

So, please take a few hours to walk in someone else’s shoes.  Bring an open mind.  Bring your best and sincere prayer.  Bring your love….and bring the heart of Jesus.

Johnson FamilyMy name is Tim Johnson. My wife of 25 years (Lisa) and I have two teenage daughters (Alexa-18 and Lydia 14). We live in Carmel and attend Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church. Lisa is a Nurse, and I am a CPA practicing as a Division Controller for Herff Jones. Lisa has a heart and calling to minister to the sick and dying, inside and outside of work. I volunteer with the United Way, which started as a loaned executive, where Herff Jones actually loaned me to the United Way for 3 months to help with their fund raising campaign. I chaired the campaign at work a couple times,participated in Read-up!, and currently serve as a volunteer on the agency audit committee.

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