By: Mike Jansen

We asked some of our church volunteers to share about their experiences with Ascent 121. Thank you to the Jansen family from Northview Church in Carmel.

I had learned about human trafficking existing in the world through the End it Movement via the Passion Conference in 2012. However I didn’t understand the full scope of it and thought it was an issue mainly in the global south. I had heard the US was often times a place where victims were transported through, like a hub. As I studied trafficking more I learned the harsh reality that trafficking is a major issue here in our country and not just somewhere in the US and not just in metropolitan cities like Indianapolis, but also in our own communities.

 I wanted to learn more and do something about it. So I registered for Ascent 121’s monthly prayer journey on Saturday September 17, 2016. The first half an hour was very informative as Megan McGuire explained the history of Ascent 121 and the present reality of human trafficking in Indianapolis and the suburbs around it. She told story after heartbreaking story what so many girls have experienced due to traffickers. Then she shared the work of Ascent 121 and how they are working to free the girls and help law enforcement bring justice to traffickers.


Shortly after, I got to participate in the prayer journey which was more powerful than I can put into words. We made several stops around Indianapolis as we followed the story of a typical girl caught in trafficking. We stopped at places like Brookside Park, Department of Child Services, and a local strip club. At each stop we read the details of the story, a bible verse, and prayed through specific prayer topics. The group I went with could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the van, and we each felt a stir inside of us. After a few hours we returned and debriefed with the rest of the group. Most were quiet as we were still processing what we experienced. The experience is still fresh in my mind today and I can replay many of the scenes in my mind four months later.

Since that experience my family has been able to collect donations for a young mother who was liberated from trafficking and her baby boy. This has met so much to our family and we pray for her and her son on a regular basis. I also pray through the prayer requests from the bi-monthly Ascent 121 newsletter, and my wife and I participated in the journey on Saturday, November the 19th. My wife was moved as well and had the opportunity to share her experience with several co workers at work on that following Monday.

Our hope is to bring more family and friends to prayer journeys in 2017. They take place on the third Saturday of each month. We’ve also made praying for Ascent 121 and human trafficking part of our prayer journey.

We do realize that this topic is not the easiest to hear about and acknowledge that it is occurring in our communities. We strongly believe in the work Ascent 121 is doing to restore the daughters of our savior Jesus Christ. We encourage you to talk with God about how you can walk alongside Ascent 121 in partnership to change a life within your own community.

Blessings, the Jansen Family

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