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Each year Ascent 121 provides clinical recovery services for over a hundred central Indiana teens. We host awareness and professional development training for thousands of people in the community. Our work falls into several categories:

Survivor Services

Survivors of commercial sexual exploitation present with unique needs for clinical support where continuity is vital. Successful intervention requires both rapid and long-term interventions to help teens resist eloping or returning to their previous behavior. Much like domestic violence or substance abuse, relapse is an anticipated component of recovery.

Ascent 121 programs provide a continuum of care that allows clients to move back and forth between program settings throughout their treatment process. Our continuum utilizes a multi-phase treatment approach that can be provided in multiple settings, allowing us to provide comprehensive treatment in the least restrictive setting as determined by individual risk and need. Ascent 121 staff are equipped with specialized training and supervision by experts across the country. Our continuum is comprised of four components: assessment, community based therapy, residential programming and aftercare support.

Advocacy and Awareness

Our community programs are designed to create social change and foster awareness of DMST. We engage activism in the community and grow a passionate constituency to fight the issue. Our staff and volunteers are available to provide educational materials and presentations.


Through collaboration with community organizations and ministries, we support outreach to potential victims.


Discipleship is at the heart of our work. Girls in our programs are given the opportunity to participate in weekly discipleship where they learn the truths of the Christian faith. We have seen God’s hand in their restoration and healing.

Prayer Journey

The Ascent 121 Prayer Journey is an opportunity for you to drive through the near east side of Indianapolis and pray for areas affected by trafficking and exploitation. Through this experience you will learn more about the child welfare system, the juvenile justice system, different ways that teens are drawn into trafficking and recovery services that are available to survivors. Guided prayer stops allow you to pray for survivors, teens at risk, educators, social service providers, juvenile justice staff, law enforcement, ministries and organizations.