We plan to offer education, restoration, and rehabilitation services for individuals who have been arrested on charges of solicitation and patronage. Ascent 121 is developing a 12-week diversion program for low-risk offenders who have illegally purchased sexual services.

This program will provide education on the realities of sexual exploitation from the victims’ perspective and explore the motivation behind the offender’s personal choices. Offenders will have the option of successfully completing this non-punitive course in exchange for reduced sentencing. It is our hope that participants will then voluntarily choose to receive addictions and/or marriage counseling. Our goal for this diversion program is to restore families and reduce the demand for the sex trade in Indiana.

Men: Will you take the Defender’s Pledge?

Shared Hope International Defenders are men who have come to understand the marketplace of commercial sexual exploitation. They are committed to doing everything in our power to stop that exploitation. They commit their lives to bringing dignity, honor, and respect to women and children. Out of that flow initiatives that exist to show women that we care, hold other men accountable, and working to end the demand for this destructive market. Will you join the Defenders?