Use our avatar to help raise awareness about human trafficking in Indiana

To join our team as a volunteer social media advocate:

  1. Like, share, retweet and comment on Ascent 121 social media posts.
  2. Download a Social Media Advocacy kit materials:
    I need an avatar!
    I need a Facebook cover!
    Kit sized for Twitter
    Kit sized for Facebook
    Graphics to share on all social media
  3. Post Ascent121 graphics and messages on social media with the #Ascent121 hashtag.

Ask your friends and family to join our team! Share the Social Media Advocate card.


Use #Ascent121


How can I use hashtags to broaden Ascent 121’s audience?

Combine the #Ascent121 hashtag with other human trafficking hashtags such as #EndSlavery #EndIt #HumanTrafficking #AntiTrafficking #Indiana

How often should I share about Ascent 121 on social media?

Be sensitive to your friends and family on social media and don’t overshare. A good rule of thumb is about two times a week.

Can I post my own images with the Ascent 121 hashtag?

Yes, and we have a few tips to make sure your images are aligned with our goals:

  1. Please link to the Ascent 121 website and social media sites in your posts.
  2. Ascent 121 logos are used on official materials. When posting your own images, please do not embed Ascent 121 logos.
  3. We are very intentional about a message of hope. Please do not ever use images featuring physical bondage of any kind (no cages, no chains, no handcuffs, no barcodes, etc).