Getting Out

Leaving is hard.  Even when we find our way out, the life has its way of sucking us back in.  Sometimes numerous times.

Whether you have questions about whether or not you are in an exploitive relationship, whether you have questions about what leaving might look like, or whether you just want someone to talk to, there are safe and confidential resources to help.  The hotline numbers below provide 24-hour support and assistance.  Of course, if you are in immediate trouble- always call 911.

Ascent121:  317-759-0067

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Indianapolis Resources

Local support

Grit Into Grace:  Our mission is to work together with women who are at risk of or are  currently experiencing commercial sexual exploitation to build community, healthy relationships, and hope in Christ, and align resources needed for daily living, spiritual growth, and healing

Unconditional:  Many of us have been in the business, and understand its realities. We are here to offer encouragement to you as you navigate through this journey.


Allies, Inc. provides a mentorship program. Adult mentors build and maintain lasting friendships with survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation in Indiana in order to support them in recognizing their value and worth and empowering them to make life decisions that reflect this.

Branding removal and redesign

Survivors Ink  exists to raise awareness and to empower human trafficking victims by breaking the psychological chains of enslavement through beautifying, removing or covering their physical scars, markings and brandings that are constant reminders of a violent past.


Ascent 121 programs provide a continuum of care that allows participants to move back and forth between program settings throughout their treatment process. Our continuum utilizes a multi-phase treatment approach that can be provided in multiple settings, allowing us to provide comprehensive treatment in the least restrictive setting as determined by individual risk and need. Contact us at 317.759.0067 or

Other Resources

Connect2Help offers a  local human services database for assistance in areas such as jobs, housing, food, substance use, support groups, legal assistance, child care, education and more.  Search online or call 2-1-1.

Indiana Coalition To End Sexual Assault (ICESA) Resource List includes a list of organizations, arranged by county, that are invaluable resources to those impacted by sexual violence. Many offer 24-hour crisis hotlines, as well as information on legal advocacy and community outreach.

Connecting with other survivors:


Dream House:  A place of refuge and rest, the Dream House exists to provide community and a place of belonging to women who are at risk of or are currently experiencing commercial sexual exploitation. Where personal relationships deepen as we walk alongside women, helping to meet social, spiritual, physical needs, and encounter Jesus along the way.


World Without Exploitation (WorldWE): World Without Exploitation is a community of organizations and individuals who share a vision and seek to leverage our unique skills and different backgrounds in the fight to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Survivor Alliance: A global network of survivor leaders who are engaged in anti-slavery work or are interested in becoming engaged.

Survivors For Solutions: Survivors for Solutions (S4S) was created to advocate for peer-led services and programs, survivor-informed policies at all levels of government, and provide best practices consultation to governments, non-profits, and institutions.

National Survivor Network: Brings together a community of human trafficking survivors by creating a platform for survivor-led advocacy, peer-to-peer mentorship, and empowerment that embraces all survivors, regardless of gender, age, nationality or type of trafficking experience.

Elevate Program: An exclusive, members only site that gives you access to the intensive 16 module faith-based Elevate course that will lead you into deeper levels of healing, professional development, and leadership skills.  Elevate and its members are all about life change!  Membership will provide you with tools, relationships, and opportunities to mold your life into exactly what you want it to be!

College Scholarships

In 2014, Sabre announced the first ever academic scholarship fund of its kind, created especially for human trafficking survivors. Their vision is to help pave the way for secure and sustainable employment opportunities. With the support of our travel industry and technology partners, the long-term vision is to offer job placement opportunities for scholarship program graduates.

Sun Gate Foundation
Granting Courage
Foster Care to Success

Books, workbooks and websites
Survivor’s Guide To Money
Self Discovery Journal
Fragments:  A Post-Traumatic Paradigm
Power Poetry
Against Our Will
Survivor Stories
Girls Like Us
The Survivor’s Guide to Leaving
Love’s Redeemed Daughter: Reflections of Nyla
Redeeming Love
The Slave Across The Street
Scars & Stilettos
A League of Dangerous Women
Fallen: Out of the sex industry
Runaway Girl: escaping life on the streets
Mending the Soul Workbook
Roadmap to Redemption Workbook
Courage to Heal Workbook
Boundaries Workbook
Soul of Shame