Ascent 121 provides both community based and residential services. All clinical work is trauma-informed and strengths-based, using best practice service standards. Meet the team that makes up our clinical and administrative staff.

The Impact Program

Ascent 121 joined forces with Lutheran Child & Family Services (LCFS) in 2014 to launch the Impact Program. Together we provide comprehensive residential services for teen girls with a history or risk of commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Clinical services are trauma-informed and strengths-based, using best practice service standards. Impact is available to girls between the ages of 12 and 18.

Therapeutic Residential Placement:

Youth in the Impact Program receive intensive individual, family and group therapies that are specifically designed to meet the unique treatment needs of the population that we serve.  Youth who have been sexually exploited often present with unique vulnerabilities and distorted perceptions of relationships that require a highly specialized level of care.

Successful intervention with these youth requires both rapid and long-term interventions to help the youth resist eloping or returning to their previous behavior.  Continuity is vital and the residential component of programming is part of a larger continuum of care.  Impact staff are provided with specialized training and supervision from experts from around the country. Education, recreation and life-skills development are all offered on campus. Additionally, discipleship and off-site ancillary services such as job coaching, financial literacy and equine therapy are provided for youth as appropriate.

Intensive Family Therapy: Immediately upon placement, a family therapist is assigned. This service focuses on family engagement and stabilization of the home with the intent of preparing the family for reunification with their child. Therapy occurs both in the home and at the Lutherwood facility with a minimum of three sessions each week. This therapist acts as the lead for the multi-disciplinary treatment team, guiding the course of treatment and ensuring consistency of care.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations: Youth who have not already received a specialized comprehensive trauma assessment will initially be admitted to the program for a 45-day diagnostic period. Throughout this period they will also participate in all components of the Impact Program. Evaluation consists of child and family interviews, record review, interviews with collateral contacts, observation and assessment tools that measure trauma, substance abuse, elopement risk, exploitation screening, as well as executive and intellectual functioning. An evaluation report, including on-going treatment recommendations, are provided to the referring case worker/probation officer.

Coordinated Care & Case Management: Girls and their families receive case management services to assist with education, access to resources and referrals for any additional services needed.

Ascent 121 provides ongoing training and consultation for LCFS employees to address case-specific questions and to provide them with a greater level of awareness on the dynamics of domestic trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Both Ascent 121 and LCFS are faith-based agencies committed to providing quality care with adherence to the core practice values and principles outlined by the Department of Child Services, including family centered, culturally competent service. The collaborative partnership between LCFS and Ascent 121 allows for the integration of specialized services and provides greater flexibility in meeting the needs of families and children.

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