Guiding Principles

At Ascent 121 we want to be seen as living our Guiding Principles

We were called to Ascent 121 for such a time as this. We are called to be witnesses for Christ through our actions and demonstration of integrity, grace, love, patience, gentleness, compassion, service, and self-control. God is the visionary and we are the missionaries.

We make a conscious effort in all that we do to focus on recovery and not to re-exploit the people we serve. We are not the star of the client’s show.

We are committed to fiscal integrity defined through our statement of faith, governance, financial oversight, compliance, transparency, and all aspects of charitable giving.

The traumas of the clients we serve occurred within the context of relationships and, therefore, that is where the greatest healing will occur also. Strong support systems are created through safe therapeutic alliances, a well-balanced approach to professional boundaries, and helping to foster multiple supportive relationships for clients.

While allowing natural consequences is often necessary and guards against enabling, multiple chances provide unconditional support whenever it is requested, regardless of circumstance.

Our role is to assist each client in identifying and achieving his or her own goals. It is not our responsibility to determine what those goals should be. We support each client’s right to self-determination and empower them toward self-efficacy. Treatment goals are developed through collaboration with the clients.

We value each individual we encounter, including: clients, colleagues, and partners. Each individual possesses unique strengths. Focusing and capitalizing on these strengths brings greater potential for success.

Competent service is delivered through the use of best practices, ongoing professional growth and program fidelity. We believe that perfection is unattainable, and that growth is an ever-evolving process.

We provide continuity of care through long-term commitments to each client who enters our programming. Change is rarely a linear process and we strive to provide consistency through the highs and lows of the treatment process.

We strive to encourage clients to be intentional about connecting with others and building a cohesive and empowering community of support.

We understand that each individual is unique, possessing many strengths and abilities. Treatment goals are most likely achieved when they are developed through collaboration from the clients we serve.

We strive to promote a culture of purposeful learning and growing to cultivate a safe environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and seen.