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Using best practices with a continuum of care, Ascent 121 provides trauma-informed therapeutic services that are survivor-centered and strengths-based. Survivors of commercial sexual exploitation present with unique needs for clinical support, where continuity is vital. Successful intervention requires both rapid and long-term interventions to help teens resist eloping or returning to their previous behavior. Much like domestic violence or substance abuse, relapse is an anticipated component of recovery.

Ascent 121 programs provide a continuum of care that allows clients to move back and forth between program settings throughout their treatment process. Our continuum utilizes a multiphase treatment approach that can be provided in multiple settings, allowing us to provide comprehensive treatment in the least restrictive setting as determined by individual risk and need. Ascent 121 staff are equipped with specialized training and supervision by experts across the country. Our continuum is comprised of four components: assessment, community-based therapy, residential programming, and case management.


Our Services


Referrals and inquiries should be sent to [email protected]. Our staff will review each case and provide a response within 24-hours. Ascent 121 is specialized in working with trafficked and exploited youth (and youth at risk of such). Due to heavy demand and a gap in specialized service providers across the state, we are unable to accept referrals outside our target population.

We request any of the following supporting documentation available: 310/311 reports, Probable Cause Affidavit, Preliminary Inquiry, Probable Cause Affidavit, Predisposition Report, Previous outpatient or placement records, Prior Psychological Testing, detailed summary of trafficking risks or concerns.

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