Interested in starting or broadening services for survivors of exploitation or trafficking?

We believe that survivors deserve to receive quality, comprehensive care. In recent years, there has been increased recognition that public, private and nongovernmental agencies must work collaboratively to respond effectively to the crime of human trafficking. We have seen the power of collaborative efforts in our own work. To ensure that survivors receive comprehensive care, there is a growing need for human service organizations to work together to address the complex needs of survivors.

Survivors often present with distinctive treatment needs. These needs can pose novel business challenges such as budgeting, strategic planning, and establishing fundraising and marketing strategies without re-exploiting the population served. In 2020, Ascent 121 launched LIFT to help bridge current service gaps and to assist other providers in tailoring their service provision to meet the unique needs of survivors.

LIFT offers various tiers of service. Each tier of service is designed to provide various levels of support for agencies interested in increasing their capacity to serve survivors and strengthening current programming.

    We are available to provide pre-designed and content-specific training related to working with survivors. Trainings can be offered at your location or may be delivered virtually.
    LIFT provides guidance and advice for established agencies seeking to broaden or improve their services. Our specialized providers and business associates are available to support your efforts.
    LIFT offers the option to provide an assessment of your agency. We will evaluate your current program, regardless of your starting point, and furnish a summary report. This option is personalized to your specific agency needs. It also includes the opportunity for routine consultation and training.
    Join a cohort of agencies for a one-year, in-depth customized training opportunity. We will help you strengthen and tailor your clinical program to meet the unique needs of survivors. For more information – click here.

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